Nima Dorjee Tamang

Guide licence No:5908
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Address:Kapan-1, Kathmandu, Nepal
Date Of Birth:8th November 1986
Price:$35 Per Day
Mobile Number:9841704019
Language:English, Hindi, Nepali, Tamang,
Working Experience:12 Years


My name is Nima Dorjee Tamang and you can call me “#Nima or NDT” and I am associated with a #Trekking #Agency and #community NGO since 2002 in Nepal. Originally, I am from Eastern part of Nepal- #Everest region where my ancestral belongs to. Currently I am leading a Trekking and Mountaineering Guide in Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan and India where as I am associated with a NGO called Friendship Society Nepal in Kathmandu and Friendship Home Stay in Kathmandu. My hobby is to travel. I have traveled almost 75 % of rural Nepal. I have been accommodating so many friends from Asian countries, American and European universities and assisting their thesis work as well. Whereas our 10% profit from Trekking and other activities that each earnings goes to the quality education of children from

marginalized communities. I hope you guys will be a part of this good cause as well. I make time to talk to my guests and offer help / advice when needed. Our guests can expect a clean, safe and homely environment while in Nepal. We provide home cooked meals and all the comforts of home . Since we belong from a culturally rich place called SOLUKHUMBHU. We have our own style of cooking food, languages and attires. So, there will be additional chance to learn a culture from a Solukhumbu whilst you stay in my house with my family. And we follow a Buddhist religion. I wish you will simply love the stay in my house or Trekking with us or Be a part Volunteer program . Have a nice Journey!!

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