Nima Dorjee Tamang

Company Name:Friendship World Treks
Guide licence No:5908
Guide licence Image:
Address:Kapan-1, Kathmandu, Nepal
Date Of Birth:8th November 1986
Price:$35 Per Day
Mobile Number:9841704019
Language:English, Hindi, Nepali, Tamang,
Working Experience:12 Years


My name is Nima Dorjee Tamang and you can call me “#Nima or NDT” and I am associated with a #Trekking #Agency and #community NGO since 2002 in Nepal. Originally, I am from Eastern part of Nepal- #Everest region where my ancestral belongs to. Currently I am leading a Trekking Agency named Friendship World Treks, worked as Trekking and Mountaineering Guide in Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan and India where as I am associated with a NGO called Friendship Society Nepal in Kathmandu and Friendship Home Stay in Kathmandu. My hobby is to travel. I have traveled almost 75 % of rural Nepal. I have been accommodating so many friends from Asian countries, American and European universities and assisting their thesis work as well. Whereas our 10% profit from Trekking and other activities that each earnings goes to the quality education of children from

marginalized communities. I hope you guys will be a part of this good cause as well. I make time to talk to my guests and offer help / advice when needed. Our guests can expect a clean, safe and homely environment while in Nepal. We provide home cooked meals and all the comforts of home . Since we belong from a culturally rich place called SOLUKHUMBHU. We have our own style of cooking food, languages and attires. So, there will be additional chance to learn a culture from a Solukhumbu whilst you stay in my house with my family. And we follow a Buddhist religion. I wish you will simply love the stay in my house or Trekking with us or Be a part Volunteer program . Have a nice Journey!!

Friendship World Trek & Expeditions Pvt. Ltd. Is established to give best services to the people who comes to visit the Nepal and Many other Purposes.. It is one of leading tours, operators and trekking and Travel agents in Nepal. Friendship World Trek is operating from the very heart of Kathmandu, the tourists’ hotspot – Kapan. Friendship World Trek staff team consists of trained, experienced and down-to-earth professionals. Our qualified bilingual and multilingual guides speak fluent English, French, German, Japanese and Chinese who will help you see, feel and experience Nepal.It is providing all the facilities needed for hotel reservation, package tours, Expeditions, Home stay, Peak climbing, Mountaineering courses, culture tours, trekking arrangements, white water rafting, car rental and worldwide ticketing.

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