Mount Kailash Tour (Tibet)


Kailash Tour

What if the adventurous tour to the Himalayas will be combined with a holy tour where you will be charmed by the adobe of Lord Shiva and can s=do the sightseeing of some of the highest mountain ranges of the world?

Kailash Tour is designed for those trekkers and devotees who wish to trek to the adobe of Lord Shiva and want to do the sightseeing of some of the highest mountain ranges of the world. This is a multi-country tour and takes the trekkers to the holy land of Tibet in Mt. Kailash. Trekking in Tibet gives you an awesome opportunity to explore the autonomous land where lots of unique and majestic things will amaze you.

Kailash Tour takes the trekkers to the untouched and unbeaten land of Tibet and you will also explore the myths and supernatural stories of Mt. Kailash. According to myths and legends, one who does the circuit of Mt. Kailash is said to gain Nirvana (freedom) and all of his transgressions are left. Circumventing Mt. Kailash 108 times implies that one is specifically getting Nirvana (Freedom). As per the portrayal of Ramayana, one who scrubs down in Mansarovar Lake achieves Bramalok (paradise); while the one drinking the water from Kailash knows the universe of Shivalok (Shivas dwelling place).The major attraction of this trek is the circuit of Mt. Kailash which is believed as a holy mountain and an adobe of Lord Shiva.

Mt. Kailash tour starts with the sightseeing of some the capital city of Nepal, Kathmandu. We will then take a short flight to Nepalgunj and then after the permit, we will enter to the forbidden kingdom of Tibet. Passing thorugh Garuda valley will take us to Mansarover lake which is one of the major objectives of our tour. This holy lake has its own supernatural story and after the rituals and celebrations, we will head to do the circuit of Mt. Kailash. After exploring the Mt. Kailash, we will return via Lhasa and then do the sightseeing of the capital city of Tibet. We will then return to Nepal via Nepalgunj and then you will be transferred to the airport on the next day and then departure.